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Introducing our newest launch: Gentle Jane's Superfoods + CBD Soap

Introducing our newest launch: Gentle Jane's Superfoods + CBD Soap

We are so excited to share more details around the newest product in our assortment, our Superfoods + CBD Bar Soap! Our new soap contains our signature Superfoods blend in addition to 100 mg of CBD.

Just like the rest of the products in our line, our Superfoods + CBD Bar Soap is sulfate, paraben, fragrance, and alcohol free.

What does CBD soap do?

For those with sensitive skin types or skin conditions, traditional bar or liquid soaps can sometimes dry out the skin or cause irritation due to either the formula or harsh ingredients used likes sulfates. We've carefully formulated our soap to be as nourishing as possible without compromising cleansing efficacy. 

Instead of sulfates, we have used Sodium Hydroxide to help gently cleanse away dirt, bacteria, sebum, and other debris. Despite the lack of sulfates in our formula, it's still possible to work up a gentle lather with our soap.

We've also included in 100 mg of our high quality CBD isolate to further help soothe irritated skin during the cleansing process. The first step of skincare is always cleansing and Gentle Jane's goal is to provide calming products for your entire skincare and bodycare routine.


A CBD Soap formulated for a hydrating cleanse

When it came time to formulate our soap, we knew we wanted our CBD soap make the cleansing experience a gentle but hydrating one. We've strategically included a blend of different types of hydrators in our bar soap, including humectants and emollients.

Humectants pull water into the most outer layer of the skin and emollients help fill in the dry areas and prevents water from leaving to leave skin hydrated.

Our blend of coconut oil, palm oil, and safflower oil offers proper hydration and prevents excess stripping of the skin, which can lead to sensitivity for some.

Coconut oil is known for its emollient properties which palm oil and safflower oil also have. But palm oil and safflower oil also have antioxidant properties for skin to help fight free radicals and help minimize the occurrence of dry skin.

But the hydration doesn't stop there - in addition to emollients, we also have humectants as well. Both sorbitol and propylene glycol are humectants we've included since humectants help reduce the loss of moisture in skin.


Our Rich Superfoods Blend

Our oil blend includes grapeseed, cucumber seed, marula, jojoba seed, avocado, and chia seed oil, a magical combination of superfoods that deeply hydrates the outer skin barrier. This curated mix of fruit, plant, and grain oils are brimming with antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and amino acids to help nourish and calm.

  • Avocado oil helps promote the production of collagen and fights inflammation.
  • Jojoba Oil repairs skin and combats the signs of aging.
  • Chia seed oil is full of fatty acids and when applied topically, helps strengthen the skin barrier and seals in the hydration.
  • Marula oil helps hydrate and displays occlusive like properties to aid in better absorption of other ingredients.
  • Grapeseed oil is dense with vitamin E, fatty acids, and polyphenols, like resveratrol to help revitalize skin. 

    Experience a Calming Cleanse

    Our last touch was to include Lavender Essential Oil to ensure your cleansing experience is not only calming for your skin, but calming for you overall. We love the light scent of Lavender Oil to calm the mind as well.

    Gentle Jane's Superfoods + CBD Bar Soap is available to purchase here.

    Gentle Jane's Superfoods + CBD Bar Soap



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